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SUPERSTAR (ft Derrick FaReal & LRJ) 

This is the track KADRAE has been raving about 4 the longest.  It features rhythmic floetry by Derrick FaReal & LRJ.  It doesn't end there.  Vocal icing done well by Michele Thibeaux & Aryol Prater.  KADRAE has even let some1 help in  not only composing the music, he's also enlisted NahumaBeatz (aka ProdByNahuma) 2 co-produce the track with him.  This track is guaranteed 2 make heads bob, bodies shake, & minds fill with enlightment.  


45 Days (Live! at High Volume Music Live Dec 2nd 2017)

Latest Track

I've Never Felt Love Like This (1999 Version) (MP3)


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This track (while still not officially released) was only available 4 streaming on Soundcloud. Originally recorded in 1999 4 inclusion on the N'Courage compilation, only 3 songs recorded 4 the compilation were released. The remaining tracks (including this 1) remained officially unreleased.

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N'Courage Compilation (STREAMING ONLY)


This is not the complete album. However, the songs featured here were recorded specifically 4 inclusion on the compilation. 4 streaming only. HELP ME, LORD and THE PASSING OF TIME were officially released in 1999 as part of the EP "MENTALLY, GENTALLY/ HELP ME, LORD" and was sold in selected record stores. NOT 4 SALE ANYWHERE!

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